About Us

About Us

Tanisha Pigeon Safety Nets

Tanisha pigeon safety nets is one of the fastest growing and safety nets suppliers company in Mysore, with a experience of a 5+ years in this industry. Our product range encompasses Balcony Safety Nets Mysore, Children Safety Nets Mysore, Pigeon Nets/ Anti-bird safety nets/ Pet Safety Nets Mysore, Industrial Safety Nets Mysore, Braided Safety Nets Mysore, Agro Shade Nets Mysore, Bird Spikes Mysore, Building Safety Nets, Duct Area Safety Nets, Staircase Safety Nets Mysore, Construction Safety Nets, Sport net, Cricket net, Parking net, Agro shade net, Coconuts Safety Nets, Glass Protection Nets, Swimming pool Safety Nets, Mosquito Nets, Bird Spikes.

We offer wide range of safety products in different segments of industries such as Construction, Iron and Steel, Cement, Power Plants, Glass, Paper, Mining, Fabrication, Hospitality Services, Agriculture, Apartments etc. It is undying commitment to excellence, which has helped it to progress at an astronomical pace. We adopt best quality inspection methods to ensure product quality, since we know customers are our top priorities.


We use good quality raw materials to make these safety nets and ropes. Since the establishment of the company in Mysore, we regularly improvise on our existing range of products of safety nets in order to come up with products that stand high on performance and durability.

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Tanisha Pigeon Safety Nets

Our Mission And Vision

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide quality netting solutions, with deadly combination of affordable price and outstanding service.

Our Vision

Our vision is giving more than we promise by giving competitive solutions at the correct possible price with sharp technological finish to work.

Why Choose Us

We are a Trusted Brand


we are prides itself on exceptional customer service and is committed to its promise to deliver and quality on site.


Vast collection of all types of safety nets material & stock available with us


We are providing best quality net at low Cost. We offer services of Residential Bird Netting & Bird Proofing which are highly cost effective.


When we face a tough decision we never compromise our values and principles. We do what is right and not what is the easiest.


We combine our understanding of customer requirements with a commitment to always exceed customer expectations.


Our products are essentially made of high-quality raw materials to withstand harsh conditions.

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